A Brief Insight Into Richest Celebrities


Most of them have a question like “who were all the wealthiest celebrities across the world?” This is just due to there are many people who always dream to be an actress or actors as well while this kind of jobs provides so many opportunities for almost all of them from everywhere. This is the reason why there are plenty of celebrities who are well-off in their life and they can earn lots of money from their acting careers and jobs.


the richest celebrities


John De Mol

Full Name: Johannes Hendrikus Hubert De Mol Jr.

Date of Birth: 24th April 1955

Birth Place: The Hague, Netherlands


John is the Dutch media tycoon initially struck it wealth as an establishing investor in the Endemol production firm, correlated with such reality television programs hits as Big Brother, Fear Factor and Deal or No Deal. Endemol was sold to the Spanish telecom giant called Telefonica in the year 2000. 4 years ago, bought back into Endemol taking up about 5 % stake. Holds stake in the Media known as RDF that produces Wife Swap; and RTL Netherlands. By concentrating John energy these days on creating multimedia and TV programs through Talpa Media. A few of its creations are Know Your Nation, Dating in the Dark, and Battle of the Choirs and quiz programs Pretty Smart.


Richard Desmon

Full Name: Richard Clive Desmon

Date of Birth: 8th December 1954

Birth Place: London, England


Richard Desmon is one the top businessman and British publisher, who incorporates a net worth around 1.9 billion dollars. He got the 792 position in the World Billionaire List and 25 positions in the United Kingdom top richest celebrities. He started his professional career while he dropped out of school while he was at the age of 15 while Desmon worked in the categorized advertisements sector of the Thomas group. In the year 1974, he established Northern and shell that gained a licenser in the year 1983 to broadcast Penthouse in the United Kingdom. With mixed interest in ads as well as music, he began his initial magazine titled as International Musician wherein he erected a stable of title. In the year 2000, he bought the British newspaper group called Express that incorporate the Daily and Sunday Express tiles, the Irish Daily Star, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday and


Regarded as a British media magnate, he also bought Channel5, a United Kingdom terrestrial-TV channel on 23rd July 2010. It airs the show such as Celebrity Big Brother, American Idol and Dallas.